EDACPOWER Electronics Co., Ltd

EDAC is a well-known professional company in Power Conversion from 1998 establishment. We are specialized in designing and developing AC/DC switching adapters, Open frames, DC-DC converters, Battery chargers, and LED drivers. Our products meets all the latest safety regulation and energy efficiency. To meet the market needs, we have developed a wide range of competitive product lines, including slim, compact, and high power adapters. We keep the highest quality standard by checking on strict Design Quality Verification (DQV) and FMEA system in development stage. All the Standard Operation Procedures and Discipline Regulation are followed by each of department from development, production, quality control, and shipping. We especially enhance planning function development, plan what to do, plan how to do and plan to prevent at all stages. Throughout 18 year innovation, cultivation, and cooperation, we have customers all over the world from well-known enterprises to small-medium size companies. Why wait now! Please contact us for any inquiry. We will do the best to fulfill your requirement and keep the highest standard on Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Availability, and Compliance. We are your ideal partner in Power Solutions.

Discontinued Models

We engage to develop enduring relationships with our customers by providing innovative Discontinued Models products supported by the best customer service in the industry. Our company offers a range of Discontinued Models that is high in quality at affordable prices. All our products are precisely developed by a creative team of professionals as per contemporary market trends. We work together to create the ultimate experience for our customers. For more details about our Discontinued Models, please contact with us immediately.

 To comply with the newest international safety regulation (IEC62368-1) and energy-saving design (Level VI, CoC Tier I/II), EDACPOWER constantly develops and announces the new products.

 The old generation products will be phased out gradually. Most of them can be replaced by our new models. Shall you have any questions, please feel free to contact EDACPOWER sales representatives for more details.

AC/DC Wall-Mount Adapter

Picture Model no. Type Output Power Specification
EA1015 Series Wall Mount Type 10~ 15Watts Max.
EA1015 Series Interchangeable Plug 10~ 15Watts Max.
EA1018 Series Wall Mount Type 18~ 24Watts Max.
EA1022 Series Wall Mount Type (Q.C. 2.0) 20~ 30Watts Max.
EA1030 Series Wall Mount Type 20~ 36Watts Max.
EA1030 Series Interchangeable Plug 20~ 36Watts Max.
EA1062 Series Interchangeable Plug
(USB Type C)
60Watts. Max.

AC/DC DeskTop Adapter

Picture Model no. Type Output Power Specification
EA1018x21 Series Desk Top type 18~ 24Watts Max.
EA1030 Series Desk Top type 20~ 36Watts Max.
EA1040 Series Desk Top Type 19.2~ 48Watts Max.
EA1050 Series Desk Top Type 30~ 60Watts Max.
EA1052 Series Desk Top Type 40~ 60Watts Max.
EA1063 Series Desk Top Type 54~ 65Watts Max.
EA1072 Series Desk Top Type 60~ 72Watts Max.
EA1072xU Series Desk Top Type 75~ 90Watts Max.
EA1091 Series Desk Top Type 80~100Watts Max.
EA1100 Series Desk Top Type 80~ 120Watts Max.
EA1135 Series Desk Top Type 120~ 150Watts Max.
EA1151 Series Slim Type 120~ 150Watts Max.
EA1210 Series Desk Top Type 150~ 200Watts Max.
EA2240 Series Slim Type 220~ 240Watts Max.

Medical AC/DC Adapter

Picture Model no. Type Output Power Specification
EM1036 Series Desk Top Type 15~ 36Watts Max.
EM1036 Series Wall Mount Type 15~ 36Watts Max.
EM1036 Series Interchangeable Plug 15~ 36Watts Max.
EM1060 Series Desk Top Type 42~ 55Watts Max.
EM1070 Series Desk Top Type 60~ 72Watts Max.
EM1090 Series Desk Top Type 70~ 100Watts Max.
EM1120 Series Desk Top Type 100~ 130Watts Max.

Open Frame

Picture Model no. Type Output Power Specification
EP1065 Series Open Frame 30~ 65Watts Max.
Single Output/Dual Output/Triple Output
EP1120 Series Open Frame 80~ 120Watts Max.
Single Output/Dual Output/Triple Output/Quad Output
EP1200 Series Open Frame 100~ 200Watts Max.
Single Output/Dual Output/Triple Output/Quad Output
EP1200U Series Open Frame 100~ 200Watts Max.
Single Output/Dual Output/Triple Output/Quad Output
EP2210 Series Open Frame 200~ 210Watts Max.
Dual Output
EDACPOWER Electronics Co., Ltd is a leading Discontinued Models manufacturer and exporter in Taiwan, specialized in wide range of Discontinued Models. Our products enjoy well-reputation by the strict quality request. Our customer-focused attitude has empowered us the potential to win the trust of reputed clients of the market. Thanks to our extensive library of Discontinued Models solutions, we are confident that we can promptly provide satisfied samples for your review and approval. If you are interested in our Discontinued Models, please email us and we'll be in touch soon.