EDACPOWER Electronics Co., Ltd

Company Profile

Company Profile

Product Category

There are a variety of models for your selection, but also in providing custom solution.
  • 5W~310W AC / DC Switching Power Adapter
  • 15W~310W AC / DC Medical Approval 2xMOPP 3rd Edition
  • 15W~310W AC / DC Switching Power Supply, Open frames, up to quad outputs
  • 36W~240W AC / DC Ultra-Slim Single Adapter
  • 30W~150W DC / DC Switching Charger
  • For 12V~24V Battery Charger

Application For

I.T.E, Industrial, Office, Home
Medical, Caring systems
POS, Printer, Game, Storage
Showroom machine, Kiosk, Robot
Purifier and Cleaner
LCD, LED relatives
Surveillance video systems, CCTV
Peak current, Custom specification
Charger for Wheelchairs, Marine