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New Product

Coming soon: AC/DC Desktop Adaptor--- EA1041 Series


In order to achieve full-range wattage of Desktop adaptor under 50Watts, EDACPOWER is planning on the new AC/DC switching adaptor: EA1041 series.

EA1041 series is an upgrade version of existing product EA1024 (16~36W). It adopts the same dimension as EA1024, but with higher output design- 25W~48W, based on wide output range 5~56VDC. EA1041 not only enhances the product integrity, but also complies to LPS, meets energy efficiency Level VI & CoC Tier II. This new product series will also be certified with ITE/ICT regulation- UL/cUL 62368-1, TUV EN 62368-1, CB IEC62368-1, FCC, CE.

Please feel free to contact our sales department if you are interested.

◆ 100-240VAC Universal Input
◆ Output voltage 5V~56V
◆ LED Indicator (optional)
◆ LPS Compliance
◆ No Load Power Consumption
     Less than 50W: ≤ 0.1W (VI), ≤ 0.075W (Tier II)
     More than (includes) 50W: ≤ 0.21W (VI), ≤ 0.15W (Tier II)
◆ MTBF > 100,000hrs
◆ Energy Efficiency Level VI or CoC Tier II
◆ Certified with UL/cUL 62368-1、TUV EN 62368-1、CB IEC62368-1、FCC、CE
◆ Protections: Short circuit / Over voltage / Over current / Over temperature


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