EDACPOWER Electronics Co., Ltd

EDAC is a well-known professional company in Power Conversion from 1998 establishment. We are specialized in designing and developing AC/DC switching adapters, Open frames, DC-DC converters, Battery chargers, and LED drivers. Our products meets all the latest safety regulation and energy efficiency. To meet the market needs, we have developed a wide range of competitive product lines, including slim, compact, and high power adapters. We keep the highest quality standard by checking on strict Design Quality Verification (DQV) and FMEA system in development stage. All the Standard Operation Procedures and Discipline Regulation are followed by each of department from development, production, quality control, and shipping. We especially enhance planning function development, plan what to do, plan how to do and plan to prevent at all stages. Throughout 18 year innovation, cultivation, and cooperation, we have customers all over the world from well-known enterprises to small-medium size companies. Why wait now! Please contact us for any inquiry. We will do the best to fulfill your requirement and keep the highest standard on Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Availability, and Compliance. We are your ideal partner in Power Solutions.

Company Profile


11F-2, NO.150 Jian Yi Rd., Zhoung Ho District,
New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +866 2 8226 3289    Fax: +886 2 8226 3327
E-mail: sales@edac.com.tw

18F-2 NO. 150 Jian Yi Rd., Zhoung Ho District,
New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +866 2 8226 3289    Fax: +886 2 8226 3327
E-mail: sales@edac.com.tw

Safety Approvals

EDAC's products can meet various safety approvals as quality assurance.

ITE 60950 / MME 62368
Medical 60601
Energy Saving
DOE Level VI (USA)
CCC (China)
BSMI (Taiwan)
PSE (Japan)
RCM (Australia)
KCC (Korea)
BIS (India)
EAC (Russia)
PSB (Singapore)
S-Mark (Argentina)

Culture and Policy

  • Corporate Culture
  • Enthusiasm :
    Energetic and excitement in what we do
  • Dedication :
    Dedication to products and services
  • Advancement :
    Advancement in research and development
  • Consistency :
    Consistency in quality control
  • Quality Policy
  • Continuous improvement in quality and value
  • Meet and exceed customer needs
  • EHS Policy
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Saving resources and energy
  • Enhance environmental awareness
  • Manufacture of environmentally friendly products

Product Category

Application For

I.T.E, Industrial, Office, Home
Medical, Caring systems
POS, Printer, Game, Storage
Showroom machine, Kiosk, Robot
Purifier and Cleaner
LCD, LED relatives
Surveillance video systems, CCTV
Peak current, Custom specification
Charger for Wheelchairs, Marine


  • Quality, schedules and responsiveness are our top priority for all customer orders.
  • All ITE 60950 models are complies with CEC Level 6 energy efficiency.
  • All Medical 60601 models are complies 2xMOPP 3rd edition certificates.
  • 5% of sales revenue were invested in R&D, including new models, safety approvals and testing equipments.
  • The factory has 2 sets of EMC, ESD, Surge equipment, that reduce lots of new model development schedule.
  • Electronic signatures implemented for 5 years about CSCN/ECR/DCN/QN/CE documents.
  • Each production line has an Electronic Display Monitor for Quality and Efficiency performance plus Bar Code System.
  • The factory holds 25 sets Auto Test Equipment (ATE), 4 SMT machines, 3 CNC Milling machines for carriers and fixtures.
  • ZDC (Zero Defect Control) program has been implemented for 8 years.
  • Certified as Rank A class Enterprise by China Customs, the factory is able to process all kinds of business transaction.

ISO Certificates

ISO9001 certificate
ISO14001 certificate

Sedex ( Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility has been an essential global topic in recent years.
Well-known industries had established their own industry Code of Conduct, by requiring suppliers to conduct factory inspection before business cooperation, in order to guarantee good reputation and brand image of the business.
Comprehensively, the Code of Conduct includes labor rights, working hours, occupational safety and health, professional ethics, and so on.

EDAC had obtained Sedex (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) Qualification through TUV Rheinland in Aug., 2019. Please refer to the following link for the audit reports.

Link: Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit Report.pdf
   SMETA Corrective Action Plan Report.pdf