EDACPOWER and E.Sun Bank Join Hands with Over 100 Domestic and International ESG Advocates to Pledge a Better Taiwan for the World

E.Sun Bank, in its third consecutive year, called for the "E.Sun ESG Sustainable Advocacy Action" on the 27th. Led by Huang Nanzhou, Chairman of E.Sun Financial Holding, and joined by over a hundred excellent enterprises from both domestic and international spheres, including EDACPOWER Electronics. The Advocacy aims to actively promote the realization of net-zero sustainability goals. 

The "E.Sun ESG Sustainable Advocacy Action" was initiated by E.Sun in collaboration with 32 corporate partners who shared the same ambitions in 2021. In 2022, it received enthusiastic responses, with a total of 101 influential companies, including industry leaders and hidden champions participating. The advocating companies collectively generated over NTD 5.08 trillion in revenue, accounting for over 23% of Taiwan's GDP in 2021. Within this Advocacy, a common goal was set to reduce at least 1.57 million metric tons of carbon emissions by 2025. 

This year, nearly 160 companies from Taiwan and abroad joined the Advocacy. These companies include global market leaders in their respective industries, key component suppliers, significant Taiwan-funded enterprises in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Cambodia, as well as consulting firms with extensive experience in the field of sustainable net-zero. Through concrete energy-saving or carbon reduction measures, these companies are working together to control greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate environmental impact, jointly moving towards the 2050 net-zero emission target, and enhancing Taiwan's sustainable industry competitiveness.

The initiative has been highly recognized by governments, international organizations, and civil society groups. This year, E.Sun Bank invited Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, and Sam Kimmins, Chair of RE100, to share their expectations and encouragement for Taiwan's sustainable development through video messages. 

EDACPOWER will continue to promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and enhanced corporate governance, aiming to collaborate with our business partners under the concept of sustainable management to create a better future.